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Planning Your Next Web Project? Get Your Cinemagraph Ready

Before you start your next web design project – check out what’s in and what’s not going out. In this article from Australian Envato, you can read about some of the trends coming on strong, some of those we won’t see going anywhere, and those we won’t see at all.

A couple to watch out for in particular are: Cinemagraphs, which - actually - aren’t really new.

“In fact, a cinemagraph is quite simply an image that is mostly still, except for a small portion (typically only one element) which animates on a loop.”

In terms of design trends, check out overlapping elements, saturated gradients, and big shadows.

“This is a very simple trend: overlapping elements. We have seen big aesthetic design leaders like Spotify adopt this trend, and it seems to be sticking. The ghost-button trend of 2015 will be extended to non-clickable elements, and empty elements with outlines that break otherwise-constraining boxes will show up across designs.”

To read about them all, click here >>


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