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Forbes Presents the Four Pillars of Great Content Marketing

Ok, so – you can definitely skip over the first part of this article about metrics. It’s so basic you’ll scoff at it.

But, the second part about what kind of content engages – admittedly, may sound like overstating the obvious. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s the obvious that gets overlooked – and worth revisiting every so often. So here goes.

In this article in Forbes on “How to Prove Content Marketing ROI,” contributor Steven Olenski notes that the content that has been proven to generate the highest return on investment has these attributes:

  1. It is highly relevant to its audience in providing information that helps them get things done. How to’s are always great. Anything that helps them do things better, smarter, faster – will always be appreciated, and motivate a return visit to your content platform (blog, website, webinars, etc.).

  2. It is personable and speaks directly to them in a conversational way. Don’t be dry, too technical, too jargon driven. That’s just boring. No one will come back to you because they’re looking to be bored.

  3. It is authoritative and reflects that you are a true expert on the subject. With value-added, unique content/advice, and proof points that what you say matters – they’ll believe you, and will want more.

  4. It is optimized for search engines so your audience can find you. Pretty much self-explanatory.

So what are you doing to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more?

To read the full article, click here >>


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