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Happy Shiny (But Not Cheesy) People & Other Conversion Tactics

Whether we’re strategizing content, building an online campaign, or planning a new product’s go-to-market – we’re all doing it for the same reason, ultimately . . . it’s all about conversion. Yes, it’s fun, it’s elegant, and on good days – inspiring. But, bottom line, it’s all about converting leads to prospects, prospects to customers, customers to advocates.

And when it comes to conversion, there’s no greater advocate than our website. So, looking ahead into fiscal ’16 – it’s definitely worth our while to consider the latest and greatest in website CRO tactics.

In this article from, not only do they talk about the value of engaging faces (happy, shiny . . . but not cheesy), we also see that some of these tactics include:

  • Full-width images (and cinemagraphs)

  • Split-screen layouts

  • Monochromatic colors with contrasting CTA

  • Video (not sure why everyone’s still calling this a trend, seem to me pretty much a commodity)

  • Sticky CTA buttons

  • Card design

  • Single column CTAs

  • Personalized user experiences

There are two more I’d like to dwell on (just a tad): (1) prioritized navigation, and (2) minimal lead capture.

Minimal lead capture is all about lowering the overhead for getting that lead . . . where the overhead is the lead’s, that is. I was always told, if you’re asking someone to do something for you – you need to do something for them too. It’s just good karma.

As for prioritized navigation, this is an interesting one. The precept is: “decide on your top 2-3 pages, which are necessary to entice people to convert. Keep those in the main top navigation bar. What is your main CTA? Style that as a button, and place it in the top navigation bar, alongside the other 2-3 pages. Place all other page navigation items in a hidden menu, accessible by clicking on a menu icon.”

What are some of your CRO tactics for the coming year?

To read the full article, click here >>


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