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Want to Know What's the Best Word Count for Your Marketing Content? (well, we've got just th

Whether setting up a new nurture campaign, writing a new blog post, or putting together a new website, these questions always come up:

‘What should be the subject line?’

‘Isn’t that headline too long?’

‘Will anyone really read all that content on my webpage?’

So, we decided to scour the web and pull together from leading authorities* just the stats you need.

And, while sometimes the numbers vary a bit here and there, for the most part – they’re consistent.

This cheat sheet can be kept handy and help you as you create your content. However, as always – regardless of the number of characters or words you choose for your next asset – the best benchmark for your audience is your audience.

So don't forget to A/B test, track, analyze, tweak, optimize, repeat.

To download the cheat sheet - click on the image below.

Happy writing!

Want to test out the best headlines for your audience? Get in touch and let’s do great marketing together >>

* Sources include: Buffer, Hubspot, Fast Company, Wistia, The Next Web, and more.

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