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Make Them Feel Special, And They Will Engage

It isn’t often that we get an email from a company that inspires a response of: “Really? You picked me? That’s awesome!”

But every once in a while, someone, somewhere in some company’s marketing department gets it right.

For example – last week it was my parents’ 47th anniversary! (wow)

I logged on to the FTD website to send them a romantic bouquet. Needless to say, the flowers did the job.

An added surprise to the experience was to see how FTD treated this cross-sell opportunity. Namely, 3 days later I received an email with the following subject line:

I thought to myself: they picked me, cool. Who doesn’t want to be picked for a special offer? Even better, who doesn’t want to get something for free? Free is good (most of the time).

The rest of the email was also done very well. It was clean (2 fonts only, big esthetically pleasing background image, black on white CTA button), simple, with a very clear and singular call to action – shop now.

Even the social connects were well done at the end (clean, clear, and simple).

Too bad there aren’t any birthdays or anniversaries coming up in the family during the next 30 days – otherwise I would have definitely opted for FTD. After all, they selected me – why wouldn’t I select them?

Want to craft an awesome email campaign that will make your customers feel special and inspire them to engage and convert? Get in touch, and let’s do great marketing together >>

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