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All Hands On Deck - The Power of a Killer Presentation

I’m always delighted to see a client’s eyes widen with joy when they see a visually impactful presentation that tells their story in a way that wasn’t told before.

A great presentation will go a very long way. It’s your ace in the hole for convincing prospects, wowing customers at the annual event, impressing investors, and so much more. The presentation is often perceived as an extension of oneself. If my presentation is professional, beautiful, impactful, and articulate – then so am I.

So, what are the key elements of a great presentation? Well, since form follows function – we must always start with the story. I’ve written quite a bit about storytelling. And I am big believer in the ability of a simple, yet powerful story, that resonates and differentiates – to convert. The road to conversion is paved with resonance and differentiation, and – of course – relevance and value.

If we must boil it down to its simplest elements – a good marketing story should unfold as follows:

  • What is the need (or what is the opportunity in case of investor decks)

  • How we solve this need

  • What makes our way different and better

  • Benefits

  • Proof points (including 3rd party if possible, e.g. analyst costs)

  • Call to action

As for how the presentation should look, for great sources on the visual aspect of the presentation, which is very important, even if form follows function, see here:

1. From Canva: Get your audience’s attention with a stunning presentation, here >>. Covering some design principles such as:

  • Use a consistent set of icons

  • Design with a bold type set in a distinctive color

  • Use photos as your background

  • Balance your main points with a visual aid

But the most important one that isn’t on their list, and is a must – don’t kill them with bullet points!

2. If you’re wondering what kind of images to use, check out this blog post from Buzzsumo about which images were the most popular on Buzzfeed and why. Some of the common characteristics of these images is that they were:

  • Relatable

  • Had a ‘feel good’ about them

  • Included tips

  • Expressed passion

  • Humorous

3. And finally, check out this article from the Huffington Post with Pitch Deck Design Tips From the World’s Most Successful Startups including Buzzfeed and Airbnb.

Want to create a killer deck to wow and convince your audience? Get in touch, and let’s do great marketing together >>

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