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Taking Your Marketing Message from Blah Blah to Bling Bling

We've heard the stats many times before about the impact our marketing content has on the buyer's journey. Some say that 57% of the purchase decision is made before the first sales call (CEB), while others say it's even more. Regardless of the actual number – it is clear to all that content plays a strategic role in influencing the funnel.

Accordingly, our slogans, messages, and assets must be engaging, memorable, and (ultimately) converting.

At the top of the funnel – we can secure 'desire' with humor, like Cisco did in this ad for the ASR 9000:

Never underestimate the power of humor. In a Nielsen survey, for example, 47% of the 29,000 respondents from 58 countries agreed that humorous ads resonated the most. (Forbes)

Even if we don't go all out with the humor, nevertheless – we definitely need to be memorable, and absolutely avoid being boring – with too much product-speak that's dry and purely factual.

We need to speak to our prospects as people and help them experience the value they can measure if they implement our solution. We do this by opening with phrases such "imagine a world where . . . " For, when you paint a picture and the prospect actually visualizes the new frontier, they are that much closer to aligning their perception with yours.

For example, which do you think a prospect would more likely remember?

Message behind door #1:

Acme Software extracts strategic insights from big data and recommends the next-best-action in customer engagements, on every channel and touchpoint.

Or message behind door #2:

Your organisation is brimming with data, but it takes a sharp eye and a smart brain to tell you what it all means. From online interactions to real-world behaviour, we can turn your information into insight and advantage.

Door #2, anyone?

When content impacts us like a great speech from a charismatic speaker – we remember it, we engage.

So, it's important to remember – avoid the jargon, avoid bullet points (as much as possible), talk to them as human beings, and mean it.

Passion and authenticity go along away. (Without forgetting, of course, proof points and third party quotes).

Want to put some sparkle into your marketing content? Get in touch and let's do great marketing together >>

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