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When It Comes to Marketing Content - A Lot of Personality Goes A Long Way

At a local content marketing conference I attended once there were some great presentations and lots of insights. The one insight I want to focus on today is personality.

The story of personality was told by the head of digital for sparkling water company Soda Stream.

The message was that content is all about the story. And when it comes to Soda Stream, content with personality, and specifically for them – with attitude is a winning hand.

Attitude works very well for this company. Just check out these two very well scripted and produced, not to mention super funny commercials.



They both leverage the wildly successful Game of Thrones series, and feature the actors who play The Mountain and the “shame” nun.

For fans of the show these two bits are a must.

And for those who are not fans of the show – these commercials illustrate how a winning combination of (1) familiar cultural icons + (2) humor + (3) a relevant message that resonates and brings value – amount to powerful differentiation, memorability, and conversion.

The direct impact of these commercials on sales was measured and impressive.

But also – this is an illustration of how a distinct and differentiated personality, and lots of attitude goes a very long way for effective marketing content and content marketing.

Want to turn up the personality factor and create differentiated, memorable, and converting content? Get in touch, and let’s do great marketing together >>

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