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Give Your Site A Bit Of Personality & 7 Other Tips for Great UX

Who doesn't love an elegant, simple, and smooth UX. It’s where the beauty and brilliance of content and design come together.

When your website visitors get it – and want to continue consuming your content, click on more buttons, and ultimately – leave their contact details, it really is a beautiful thing.

In fact, it’s much more than that – it’s our raison d’être, conversion – that is.

In this blog post from design shack, Carrie Cousins covers her 7 tips for delighting users with great UX. These are 7 fabulous tips – that I totally believe in, and want to share with you (with some thoughts of my own):

1. “Personalize it”: everywhere, from almost every company, for just about every online product or software system – you read the same truth – users expect you to know them, their needs, their wants, and give them an experience that is uniquely tailored to what they want right now.

Take Amazon’s recommendations, as the most famous example for how it’s done. When you personalize the experience, your visitors are more likely to convert.

2. “Keep animations simple”: when simple animations can surprise and delight.

But make them even slightly more than simple – they can overwhelm and annoy.

3. “Use accepted design patterns”: make the experience reliably familiar and predictable in the sense that “what I’m going to do now will bring me to where I want to go.”

For example, put CTA buttons in the same place on every page.

4. “Give it personality”: your brand wants to be memorable and differentiated, and your visitors don’t want to be bored.

5. “Think in screens”: whether for desktop or mobile phone, the experience is demarcated by screen size. Your story’s chapters are made up of what’s on the screen, scroll down – next chapter.

6. “Incorporate interactive content”: video, games, quizzes – whatever you choose, the more the visitor interacts with your content – (a) the more memorable the experience will be, and (b) the more satisfied the visitor will come out of that experience.

7. “Make it easy and orderly”: clean, neat, and orderly isn’t just for your grandmother. It’s for everyone who visits your (and any other) website.

If they have to think, if they don’t get it, if it confuses them, overwhelms them, makes them dizzy, they’ll bounce.

They definitely won’t convert. And, as we all know, it's all about conversion.

To read the full post click here.

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