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Going Gaga Over Google Analytics with the New Insights Report

I must make a confession. While it’s no secret that engaging and impactful content drives and inspires me, and a beautiful brand can bring a tear to my eye (it really can, and has!) . . . it’s also true that I’m . . . (sigh) . . . an analytics geek.

It’s true. I love the numbers no less than the colors and the words. After all, without the numbers how can we prove that our colors and words have meaning and bring value?

So when I read about the “new stream of automated insights in the Google Analytics mobile app,” I must admit – I got totally psyched.

In the Google blog post by Ajay Nainani, Product Manager at Google Analytics, we learn that this new stream is actually a new kind of insights report that “lets you see in 5 minutes what might have taken hours to discover previously.”

It is available on the Assistant screen of the Google Analytics Android or iOS app, and provides key insights such as site performance week-over-week, referral traffic performance, organic traffic performance, and more.

While this is information that Google Analytics was already tracking, now it’s being presented in a quick-to-read card format.

When I checked it out for my own site – I found the insights very easy to understand and quickly gathered that the segment that seems to be performing best is referral traffic from LinkedIn. Thank you friends and colleagues!

In fact – this segment spends significantly more time on my site than other segments.

I believe that this is due to the fact that I turn to LinkedIn to share content I believe is relevant to my peer group, and which I aim to bring value. And Google found a very intuitive way to present the numbers that could prove (or disprove), this conjecture.

Another very cool feature is the self-learning optimization capability. With its own ‘like’ (or ‘dislike’) thumbs up (or ‘down’) ranking option at the bottom of each insights card, you can tell Google Analytics whether the data was useful for you or not. Next time around, you’ll get more of the insights you want and need, and less of those you don’t.

Insights are just launching on mobile for now, though Google is working on a desktop web version too.

I strongly recommend installing the Google Analytics app, if you haven’t already; and, of course, checking out the insights.

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