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Zuckerberg & The Golden Circle – a Post That’s All 'Why How What'

A few days ago Mark Zuckerberg put up a post that struck me as a stellar articulation of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle messaging strategy. That is, first hook them with the ‘why’ of your story, then the ‘how,’ and finally the ‘what.’

In this post, Zuckerberg took a stance against the recent criticism of how Facebook selects its topics for Trending Topics. The claim is that its employees, not its algorithms make the decisions for what one billion people will receive as news updates. Moreover, that they pick items that will promote a liberal political agenda.

Regardless of what you think about the Facebook monolith and Zuckerberg, the post was eloquent, fluid – and right inside the Golden Circle.

As you can see below – Zuckerberg starts out with the why: Facebook stands for giving everyone a voice.

Moves later to the how: Building a platform for all ideas.

And on to the what: Trending Topics is designed to surface the most newsworthy and popular conversations on Facebook.

Just to illustrate how pivotal and strategic the ‘why’ is – he closes with it again: Every tool we build is designed to give more people a voice and bring our global community together.

He also aims to lend authenticity and accountability to his post with a number of “we” statements – we believe, we are one global community, we take this seriously.

He also uses powerfully evocative words, such as: ideas, power, share, thoughts, experiences.

Take a look. What do you think?

How do you build your key messages?

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