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Digital Marketers, Do You Have What It Takes?

We often hear it – marketing today isn’t what it used to be. Everything is measured and much more technical than it used to be.

So what does it take to not only keep up, but keep ahead of the game in today’s digital marketing reality?

The Online Marketing Institute, ran a survey of 747 executives from the Fortune 500 and global agencies on the state of digital marketing skills and training within their companies. Check out the infographic.

The overwhelming consensus is that modern marketers generally lack the skills that are crucial for being successful at digital marketing.

The survey revealed that 30% of managers feel that they can’t find and hire talent with the required marketing skill set.

The skills that are lacking include:

  • Analytics

  • Mobile marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Social media

The biggest gap is in analytics. This where marketers need to focus their professional development – considering that analytics is the gateway to marketing ROI in today’s digital world.

It is surprising though to see that email marketing and social media are still lacking, considering these are marketing commodities for several years now.

According to a post by Firebrand Talent, additional ‘must have’ skills required for success include:

  • Paid social media advertising

  • Search engine marketing

  • Technology tools and platforms

  • Viral marketing

  • Visual marketing

I’m also surprised that growth hacking and conversion rate optimization are not on either of these lists – the yin and yang of modern, digital marketing – that is, customer acquisition and customer optimization.

How do you stack up? Want to find marketing karma?

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