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Even If a Picture Tells a Thousand Stories, Video Will Triple Its CTRs Any Day

All the talks these days is about video. How video converts. How content marketing can't ignore the video leverage.

But . . . videos are expensive. So, is it really worth the steep investment?

According to Contently, content marketing provider, it is. Some stats they share in this blog post speak volumes about companies seeing tremendous gains with video.

For example:

  • Just Media – 8% increased CTRs on Facebook ads with video

  • A study of 72,000 Facebook updates showed 2,200 interactions per video update vs. 1,400 for photo updates, that's almost double the interactions

  • Moz – video content at 3x more inbound clicks

Pretty compelling. Even if more expensive, video definitely needs to be worked into the content plan and strategy.

For more interesting stats, check out this infographic by Animoto on the value of video .

What are your plans for video content this year?


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