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Which Generation Prefers Communicating Face To Face Over Emails At Work? You Might Be Surprised!

This week I’m happy to share this interesting blog post from Gizmodo, the design and technology blog.

The blog folks surveyed 3,670 people online to understand their work and personal interpersonal communication preferences.

The age groups were about 50/50 at 21 - 30, and the rest 31-40, with some over 40; and are mostly from developed world in the West (didn't ask for country).

The survey asked about their preferences for communicating at work or school, and for communicating with friends.

The options provided include: in person, on the phone, instant messaging, Google hangouts, texting, Skype/FaceTime, Facebook, Snapchat, emails, snail mail, Slack, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram.

Surprisingly, WhatsApp ranked low across the board. Also surprising – the 20 – 40 group preferred face to face communication at work. Not surprisingly – everyone prefers face to face communication with their friends.

The micro-generation gap is mostly felt at the 20-25 group, which is the biggest user of Snapchat (at 32%) and video chat at (42%).

It would be interesting to see how we can incorporate these growing communication platforms in an innovative way into our campaigns.

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