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STUDIO G on target marketing services
content strategy and creation

digital/online campaigns and projects
ideation sessions that produce practical deliverables you can execute immediately
STUDIO G on target marketing strength
STUDIO G on target marketing ideation
STUDIO G on target marketing passion



a killer user experience  a beautiful and effective brand 


the word, playing with it and making it do amazing things for clients


the best of which is convincing customers to move down the funnel

STUDIO G passion for marketing content
STUDIO G marketing inspiration
STUDIO G running through the night



Uncovering and crafting the marketing assets, slogans, messages, collateral and online experiences your customers will want to consume, and which will make them convert.

STUDIO G founder - Galit Belkind
STUDIO G Brooklyn origins



I opened the Studio after 20 years of crafting and executing strategic marketing plans, broad scale communication projects, and creative direction for leading global high-tech companies.


Having grown up in NYC and spent the last two decades in the Land of Milk and Honey means you get the best of both worlds – sass, customer centricity, and “tachless.”


I invite you to get in touch, and let’s do great marketing together.


Galit Belkind

STUDIO G - looking up in Tel Aviv
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