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& converts

What it's all about

Crafting crispmemorableconvincing content

and messages for your marketing assets:


slogans & taglines

product & company messaging

brochures, infographics, ebooks, whitepapers

blog posts & social posts -- organic and paid

storytelling & presentations

corporate communications

investor one-pagers and presentations

employer branding & internal communications

. . .  you name it

If you need it engaging, if you need it 
then let's get started!

Galit Belkind Studio G Marketing Service

A little bit about me . . . 


I opened the Studio after 20 years of crafting strategic marketing content and executing broad scale marketing projects for leading global high-tech companies.


Having grown up in NYC and spent the last two decades in the Land of Milk and Honey means you get the best of both worlds – sass, customer centricity, and “tachless.”


I invite you to get in touch, and let’s do great marketing together.


Galit Belkind

What it's all about

Creative in developing effective messaging.

Always produces top quality work.

An absolute delight to work with.


Nancy Dushkin,
SVP Client Services,

Chrome River

get in touch

& let's do great marketing together


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